Small Space Decorating; Kids Rooms

The key to small space decorating is to make good use of space.  Bunk beds enable you to utilize height space, thus saving floor space.  I always wanted a bunk bed when I was a kid. The newer beds, however, are superior to those of my generation.

The Converter Loft Bunk Bed pictured below is a kids' dream. Very sturdy and easy to put together.  Your child has a place to do homework and extra sleeping space.

This particular style will take a child into their teen years. I like the full length guard rails. I remember falling out of bed often as child so I personally feel that all bunk beds should have a substantial guard rail.

I also like this twin over twin bunk bed.  It sleeps two and gives you storage galore.
The trundle bed tucks away freeing up floor space. One thing is for certain, kids love bunk beds. Whether you are tight on space or not, your kids may request them one day.  It's  important to look for one with guard rails to avoid accidents.
Want a treat?  Google Kids bedrooms, it is interesting to see how innovative some folks are at making use of space while creating a really cute environment for their kids.

Kids Bunk Beds & More

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