Nasty Food Facts

I just recently read an article divulging a very common and nasty fact in the meat industry.  Fortunately for me I am a vegan, however, this doesn't stop me from being thoroughly disgusted.

Transglutaminase; aka meat glue, have you heard of it?  You may not of heard of meat glue, but chances are you consumed it at some point in your life.

Meat glue is derived from either bacteria or blood plasma from animals.  Nasty!  Transglutaminase has the ability to bond meats, thus it is commonly used in sausages, chicken nuggets, fish balls, et cetera. It is also used to obtain a thicker, better texture for yogurts and fat free cheeses.

The meat industry uses trasglutaminase to glue together meat scraps that would normally get tossed. It's undetectable.  When you think you are buying a prime cut of meat there is a chance you're really getting glued-together scraps. Obviously this is highly unethical. 

Sadly there is no way of knowing if meat glue is used in a product or not. The FDA has declared this GRAS; Generally Recognized as Safe, and as a result manufactures do not need to disclose use of the product.

But, is trasglutaminase really safe.   Meat glued together poses a much higher risk of bacterial contamination.  Food poisoning effects million of Americans yearly,  and can be lethal.  I actually read a statistic that 81 million people in the U.S contact food poisoning annually. WOW!

Consumers need to be educated like never before.

When it comes to factory farmed meat this is really just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on and on regarding the dangers in meat industry.  Sadly this industry is big business and doesn't have the consumer's best interest at heart.  And labels, well they can be deceptive. 

 I honestly will not feed factory-farmed meat to my cat.  He gets Newman's Own Organics Premium Cat Food.   They do not use factory farms, but rather all their animals are free range, well cared for and healthy.  No GMO's or antibiotics in my cat's food.  As an animal lover I really appreciate that they are PETA approved.  And ya know Peta has some high standards.

I love Newman's Own Organics Products.  Nell Newman who founded Newman's Own Organics recognized that people have become accustomed to poor quality food sources.  I couldn't agree more.

As a vegan I find that I really have to be on the ball in regard to ingredients as well as the source of the ingredients.  Sadly, many products that appear harmless contain ingredients derived from animal sources and some are really nasty. 

Fortunately Newman's Own Organics uses quality, organic ingredients. Their emulsifiers are plant derived.  I love their organic cookies, pretzels and so forth.  They also have organic popcorn.  Non-organic popcorn is is full toxic pesticides and chemicals.

Organic Chocolate
 Their vegan chocolates  are amazing. One of my favorite vegan chocolates on the market.

Newman's Own Organics are pretty accessible, you should have no problem finding them locally. Check out their store locator for a local retailer.

I personally love that their pet food can be found at my local supermarket.  Although it is cheaper to purchase this at the pet store, I find that sometimes I'm in a pinch and I really appreciate the convenience.

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