Decorating Small Spaces; Part 2

Because small spaces tend to lack not only space but storage as well, it is a good idea to choose furniture that serves more than one purpose.

A Lift-top coffee table that offers added storage is a fantastic option.  The lift top feature gives this table a double purpose .  The lift top provides various functions such as eating, working or playing games.  When not in use the top comes down and you have a nice coffee table. This table also provides storage giving it a triple function.

 You also want to apply this same principle and look for a storage end table .  The below table is a great size and will keep extra stuff such as books tucked away nicely.

You may find buying a Coffee Table Set to be more cost effective.  Round tables are also a good option for small areas because they allot you a little more space. Glass tables give a room a spacious feel.  I really like the set below, the extra rack on the bottom can provide additional storage with a basket or hat box. 

It is important to keep small spaces free of clutter that is why double duty furniture is so ideal.

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