The U.K. Gift Company Celebrates The Royal Wedding

The world is on a precipice of an momentous occasion, one that will go down in history.  It is said that this event will take place on April 29th of this year.

Yes, the world is anxiously awaiting the nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

While they were on holiday in Kenya; amidst extraordinary scenery,  Prince William presented Kate with an blue sapphire engagement ring that belonged to his mother Diana.  Prince William later told the press that this ring is very special to him and it's his way of keeping his mother's memory alive.

This exquisite 18-carat sapphire is surrounded by 14 smaller white diamonds. The ring is rumored to be worth half a million dollars. Regardless of the value this ring is truly exquisite.

The royal engagement ring may very well be one of the most replicated rings of all times, however,  if  you are in the market for a good replica you may want to consider The U.K. Gift Company.

 This England based company was founded in 1848 by Thomas Church and have been selling Royal Commemoratives for five generations. Still going strong today this company features some very fine gifts and memorabilia at reasonable prices. 

I received a replica of the royal engagement ring from The U.K. Gift Company and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality. The ring retails for only $50 U.S.  and will turn many heads.  Maybe you won't fool your friends that know your actual income, but I have to say it is lovely replica.

Visit The U.K. Gift Company to purchase this Royal Engement Ring Replica and other royal memorabilia.
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