Sourdough Breads by Manna Organics

My great grandmother use to always say that bread is the staff of life. This old idiom couldn't be more true, bread has been a main staple since well, forever.  In ancient times bread held a prominent role in that is was the main nutritional source of one's diet.

 I don't think of modern bread found in supermarkets as being the "staff of life".  These breads offer convenience and not much more.  

Manna Organics, however, is taking bread back to the basics. Manna Organics obtained Nature's Path  Manna Bread Division, and is following in Nature's Path footsteps.  Like Nature's Path they are a family run business who is dedicated to using only high quality, certified organic ingredients.

Manna is indeed a fitting name. When you think of Manna you think of the bread that was miraculously provided to the Israelites after their exodus from Egypt.  Manna being the only source of food completely sustained the Israelites.  Manna Organics breads;  like manna, contains life sustaining  nutrients and are high in fiber and protein.  They are also free of yeast, baking soda, dough conditioners, preservatives or flavors. Just pure organic, natural ingredients. 

This month Manna Organics is introducing their new Artisan Sourdough Breads; Sunny Sourdough, Multi-grain Flax and Whole Rye. All of these breads are yeast free, hand crafted and made using a bygone technique of slow baking. These breads are slowly baked to perfection, sourdough bread done right.

The wholesome ingredients in the Bavarian Rye Sourdough Bread simply contains:

 Organic rye flour, filtered water, sea salt, organic caraway seeds, organic fennel seeds, organic coriander seeds.

No preservatives or artificial ingredients.  One slice contains five grams of protein.  Because these breads are high in fiber; 8 grams,  they are also very filling, this is a good thing for us weight conscious individuals.

Manna Organics has certainly brought back the kind of bread that I think of as being the staff of life.  Manna Organics is available in the frozen section at natural food retail stores throughout the US and Canada.  You can also purchase these breads in bulk at

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