Beauty Inspiration in the Dead of Winter

For some reason I always manage to completely let myself go during the winter months.  It has gotten to the point that just running a brush through my hair is more of an effort then I'm willing to expend on my looks.  I suppose it has a lot to do with the fact that I suffer with SAD during the winter months,  this causes me to be completely apathetic in regard to my appearance. 

Once the spring arrives and my mood goes up a bit, then  I will have the desire to use makeup and workout and perhaps get back to being myself again.

Every spring and summer I clean out my masses of used and unused cosmetics and then I restock.  In preparation for this event I spent some time looking through,  here I found  M.A.C. Black Logo Cosmetics.  I love the vibrant hues in the Mac Rose Cool Eyeshadow Set.  I reserve eyeshadow for special occasions, however, you can never quite have enough colors in your collection. 

This is a fun site to browse, I also found quite a few bargains.  My mom loves Sea Shampoo  and those prices are fantastic.  Looking for  Mitsouko parfume extrait online? here you will see a remarkable lineup of this scent at some very competitive prices.  I suppose applying perfume once a day takes little to no effort, and the benefits of Aromatherapy may just lift my mood. 

All this beautifying of course is for the future, I reserve the right to let my so go in the winter.  Eventually I am going to have to move away from the seasons, sadly at the moment it just isn't possible.   Hopefully, I will get a reprieve this winter and go away to some nice Island where the temperature never drops below eighty degrees, or perhaps I will just dream about the warmth of the tropics.
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kalea_kane said...

I totally can relate. I grew up mainly in Southern California but moved to the East Coast in my late teens. I loved the changes in seasons, but gradually noticed I got the blues. It wasn't until I was in my late 20s that I found out I suffered from SAD, and I couldn't do much either. It was nice to know why it happened. I did finally move back West in my late 30s and now live in Arizona. It has made a HUGE difference.

Hope some nice browsing gives you some distraction.


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