Chocolate Inspirations, Inc. Review

I am relatively new to the world of veganism and even though this has been an easy transition from being a vegetarian there is one thing I prefer to not live without, and that's chocolate.   The fact is, I really don't have to live without chocolate  because I am discovering that there are alternatives that exceed my expectation in not just quality, but also in taste.

One if my favorite discoveries is Chocolate Inspirations, Inc. here you will find a myriad of chocolate confections for vegans and non-vegans that are absolutely phenomenal!

  Pam Vieau; the owner of Chocolate Inspirations, has an impressive list of credentials in the chocolate industry that began with training under American, Swiss, Belgian and French Master Chocolatiers. 

What sets Pam apart from her contemporaries is her painstaking quest for perfection.  On setting out to create a vegan line, Pam consulted with vegans regarding the source of products used so that her vegan line would be completely pure.  

Pam's endeavor was for her products to be exceptional in taste so that they would appeal to not only vegans but also non-vegans. Mission accomplished!

This week I tried these award winning chocolates including the:  Vegan English Toffee,  Vegan Cinnamon Toast Toffee,  Vegan Caramel Sensation Bar,  Vegan Coconut Brittle, Granola Bark w/Chocolate and
Vegan Peanut Butter Pillows w/Chocolate.  What is pictured is the tail end of the supply that lasted a day. Everything was melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

I also had the opportunity  to try the Vegan Gourmet Hot Chocolate Cup in dark chocolate:

 This was so delicious, I didn't make hot chocolate, but rather I added this to coffee and it was sensational and lasted two days.
You can purchase these wonderful chocolate creations at Chocolate Inspirations, Inc. Website.  Please note that some of the proceeds go to help animals in shelters.  For more information visit Chocolate for Charity.

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Anne said...

That vegan gourmet hot chocolate cup looks really good. I may have to try that.

Unknown said...

Oh yum this looks great! I could live off of chocolate hehe!


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