The Brugo Travel Mug

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to eavesdrop in on a hot topic being discussed on a blogger forum. The subject being discussed was The Brugo Mug.  It appears everybody wants a Brugo Mug.  I may be living in a cave because up until that point I have never heard of Brugo.

Well, my circumstances have changed and I now appreciate the buzz surrounding this 100% leakproof travel mug and why this is The Mug to replace all other mugs.

Invented by a coffee lover who desired nothing more than fresh hot coffee during his commute to work and was simply tired of having to wait for his coffee to cool and that oh-so-common coffee spillage, he thus went to work creating the perfect travel mug.

Whether you drink, coffee, tea, soup etc. Brugo  has patented technology that enables you to enjoy any beverage at the perfect temperature. The Cooling Chamber absolves the need to wait for your hot beverage to cool.


Brugo has three dials; Lock, Sip and Tip & Cool.  The lock feature allows you to throw your Brugo into a bag without it leaking.  I put this to the test by tossing my full Brugo Mug around and I can attest that this is indeed 100% leak proof.

You can purchase the Brugo Mug off their site for $19.95, however, if you buy more than one Brugo Mug you pay $14.95 each and free shipping on orders over $50.00.  This is an outstanding value and Brugo is definitely something that your friends and family will also appreciate.  When ordering Brugo use the word LEAKPROOF in your delivery address to ensure you receive the latest Brugo model.

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