From the begining-My Journey

I started my blogging adventure as a sweeper.  Blog giveaways may be small but the odds are decent, thus  winning  a blog giveaway is much more tangible than your average sweepstakes.  This  filled the void in between bigger wins that tend to be infrequent.

As I went about my contest quest  I discovered  that I was benefiting  by learning  about various products; the pros and cons, the good, the  bad, and the ugly.  This information proved to be very valuable to me as a consumer.  Interestingly I have been extremely myopic in my venture, it was only recently I discovered that bloggers posted other content on their blogs that wasn't related to a product review or giveaway;) 

Throughout this process I have been introduced to an array of products that I absolutely love and would have a difficult time living without.

One of my favorite giveaway wins; blog or otherwise, of all time came from  Katz Gluten Free Bakery;  if your not familiar with Katz Gluten Free I will be doing a review/giveaway on my blog sometime before the end of the week or beginning of next week.

You don't have to wait Katz is offering an  Assorted Gluten Free Sample Pack as well as $4 off shipping if you use the code SAM100 (limit one per customer).

 This would be a great opportunity to see why I; not sensitive to gluten, love their delicious baked goods and prefer these over gluten products based on taste alone.  

In the future I will probably do more product reviews..the good, the bad, and the indispensable.  One thing you can count on:  I will give you honest reviews and I will never tout a product I don't like.  If an apron prides itself on being flirty I can guarantee I will not be promoting this on my blog, cause quite frankly I don't see the point:)
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Aysha said...

Good luck as you are entering the world of product reviews. I am relatively new to it too.Not only am I enjoying the products, but it is also helping me by opening my eyes better and allowing me to look at the item at different perspectives..

I do have some reviews and giveaways at my blog. I hope to see you there...

Unknown said...

Good luck! I too started as a "sweeper" and I still enter way more than what I review but I have fun doing both! I like writing, but reviewing gives me something to write about rather than just random babble.

ps I actually love my Flirty Apron that I won :)

Amy said...

I also have stepped into the world of reviews. It is a great way of learning about other companies and finding products that are absolutely wonderful - that many people don't know about.

Kristin said...

Good Luck! I love doing product reviews and is a lot of fun :).

Katie said...

Wow that is great - I can't wait for this. Love your writing style made me laugh out loud literally when you were talking about your "beginning" stages!


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