Afford Luxury Beauty Services With Groupon Coupons

The following is a sponsored post.  Thoughts and opinions expressed or mine.

I'm on a budget.  It's not fun, but it's simply the way I have to live for now.  So for many products and services I've been turning to Groupon because they enabled me to indulge in many services that are bordering in the luxury or extras department, such as massages or pedicures.   Pampering services that are more wants than needs,  and many of us, including myself are not able to indulge in such luxuries without guilt. On the other hand if I'm able to receive these service at a great discount that's a different story.  Groupon enables me to do that while discovering new establishments in my area.  The average savings is between 30 to 70 percent, many of salon services in my area appear to average a fifty percent discount.    It was through Groupon that I discovered my now favorite salon.  My hair was in desperate need for a cut and they did a beautiful job.  So it's really a great way to save and discover new local businesses.

How Groupon works for local services:

This is such an easy site to navigate.  I select a category located on the left, ex: Beauty/Spas; then choose a more specific category   I put in my locale and distance I'm willing to travel.  I then have the option to choose from a bevy of discounted services. It's that easy. It's an opportunity for me to discover local businesses as well as save money.


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