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This is the time of year I start thinking about getting in shape.  I've already started reducing my caloric intake as well as focusing on healthier food options.   Both my treadmill and stationary bike died, so I've had to get a little more creative when it comes to burning calories.  I've already gotten started with a good strength training plan.

A little while ago I was sent the AB  Stretch 4-Way Resistance Band by TKO for review, and in just a brief time I'm already seeing toner arms and legs.

Adjustable tension for varied resistance
Lightweight and portable so you can take it on-the-go
Tightens abdominals, sculpts arms and back
Increase core muscle tone, strength and flexibility
Upper and Lower body workout
AVR $12.99

Strength training is so important to build lean muscle.  With the TKO band I'm able to get a good level of resistance as well as adapt my resistance for days when I just want something light.  I'm also able to really target my back muscles, something I wasn't able to accomplish with just hand weights. For legs, I've been doing leg lifts and using a medium resistance and higher repetitions to avoid bulking up my leg muscles. I also incorporate the band into my palate style workouts.   I find that using the band yields quicker results than not having any resistance. I like the versatility the band offers, It enables me to accomplish a full spectrum of strength training moves in the comfort of my home.   A really great item to have in your fitness arsenal, and it's very affordable.

Find the very affordable TKO Resistance band on Amazon


Lipton Publicity provided me with test samples, however, I was under no obligation to review or write about the product.

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