An Activity You Enjoyed As A Kid Can Help You Get Fit

When it comes to doing cardio I find that I need to be somewhat distracted so  I am not thinking about the great effort I'm exerting.  This is why music is a MUST, it enables me to concentrate on the tempo, which, if fast paced, will also works to inspire me.  I also found that doing an activity that I love, such as cycling, is another way to get in cardio without it feeling like total drudgery.

Jumping rope is another activity that has received expert praise.   It may seem like a jarring workout, but I read on a popular health website that if done properly it's less stress, or lower impact than jogging.  I like that it doesn't require the same amount of time as other workouts to receive the same cardiovascular benefits.  This is why I like it for interval training, you can really get your heart rate up in a short amount of time.

Investing in a good jump rope will prove to be a ticket to success. TKO produces a top quality jump ropes that will only set you back about thirty dollars at the most.  Now that is fitness equipment that I can afford.

TKO workout ropes easily provide a full body workout providing fluidity of motion with less impact on joints.

Some features include:

Soft rubber-coated grip
Metal ball-bearings
9-foot solid vinyl

My take: I find that it's a much smoother jump and I never have to worry about sweat loosening my grip.  It's definitely worth the little bit of extra cash to invest in a good quality jump rope.  It's been great incorporating this power-house asset into my routine.

Find TKO  for less than $15:

TKO Soft-Grip Sports Jump and Skip Rope, Glacier/Lemon

Lipton Publicity provided me with sample items, however, I was under no obligation to write about the products mentioned.  See full disclosure.
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