Goodbye Sugary Drinks, Hello Teas 4 Kids

I love the teas at Tea Gallerie so much that I've offered to barter ad space for their tea. Thus it shoul be no surprise that when Tea Gallerie contacted me to review their new Teas4Kids, I couldn't pass down the opportunity, even though there isn't a kid around my house for miles.

Teas4Kids Getting kids to make healthier choices one cup at a time

Summer is fast approaching and that means more fun in the sun, which results in a higher thirst.  Iced tea can be really refreshing if it's not laden with sugar.  Teas4Kids provides a variety of teas that are so flavorful that there is really no need for additional sweeteners.  

Teas 4 Kids

sugar/caffeine free
Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants 

These teas score high in flavor because they are packed with natural floral and fruit ingredients.  As you can see from the image the tea looks like potpourri.

Rose Parade Tea from Teas4Kids packed with flavor 

Not your average tea for sure.  This is why this is such a fantastic option for kids.  Interestingly, sugary beverages are said to be the biggest culprit of sugar in the US diet.  Yet, these drinks aren't providing the body proper hydration, they are actually counter productive.  Is it any wonder why childhood obesity has tripled in the last few decades.  What you drink plays such a big role in your diet, so opting for a better beverage is a big step in the right direction. All the more reason to make better options for your children while they are young.

Hello Kiwi contains natural kiwi and cherry

Hello Kiwi is one of the teas I had the privilege of sampling. I enjoyed this hot as well as iced, as picture below, I did not miss the sugar one bit.  The tea has a lovely flavor.  If you are weaning your child off of sugar then perhaps you may find adding a little natural sweetener like agave to be sufficient.  I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor of the tea without adding a thing.     I visited my mom the other day and she had some fancy store bought iced teas that boasted some rather impressive labeling. Yet, sugar was the second ingredient.  Yikes!   When you are looking for a summertime thirst quencher, sugary drinks are not the way to go.

Orange Sunny:  Lemon grass blade and orange slices
You can find brewing instructions at Teas 4 Kids.  I just let two tablespoons of tea brew for five minutes and then added water and refrigerated.  If I wanted to get fancy I could of added fruit, such as the contained in the tea.  Can you imagine fresh citrus slices floating in the tea.  So refreshing, so delicious!

There are a variety of teas including: Mango Sweetie, Baby Love Blueberry, Orange Sunny and more.  Introduce you children to healthier alternatives while they're young so that they can develop healthy habits throughout their life.

For more info visit Teas4Kids

You can also find select teas from Tea Gallerie on

Test samples may of been provided, most likely per my request or based on experience with product featured, no other compensation was provided and review is based on my personal opinion.


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