White Mountain's Has The Best Selection of Puzzles For All!

I spend much more time indoors during the cold winter months.  For downtime activities I alternate between books and puzzles.  Those are my main outlets of escape from the daily grind.  I discovered White Mountain Puzzles in my pursuit for quality jigsaw puzzles.  They have the absolute best selection that I've seen online, or anywhere for that matter.

White Mountain Puzzles is basically your one-stop-shop for to quality jigsaw puzzles.  Shop by age, difficulty, puzzle piece, genre, artist, etc.  more than enough puzzles to satisfy every taste.  The price for the quality can't be beat.  I've gotten jigsaw puzzles various discount stores like Target and Big Lots and I still felt I overpaid.   Yes, this even includes the dollar store, where the cheap, papery thin pieces didn't properly interlock rendering the puzzle useless.   Of course that didn't stop me from attempting to put one of those compromised puzzles together.  It was ridiculous, I don't even think it had all its pieces.  I got a third of the way through  when one night I awoke suddenly in a stupor and ended up knocking the dreaded puzzle over, the pieces spewing over the floor. I didn't even bother to remedy what I had accomplished, but rather, I was happy to toss the entire cheaply made puzzle. I can't help thinking that my subconscious was at work.

The difference with White Mountain Puzzles

Based in quaint New Hampshire, White Mountain Puzzles is a family-run business that is dedicated to quality and is always striving to bring consumers the latest and best in the industry,  this is why their puzzles stand out in the crowd.   The colors and vibrancy of these puzzles are always spectacular.

All  puzzles are interlocking and made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled 

Best puzzles for the whole family  

Cereal Puzzle Collage from White Mountain Puzzles

Cereal has been around forever as shown in this puzzle which feature cereal from days gone by. This is a good one for parent or grandparent to do with their kids.  Oh the fun!

Van Gogh Puzzle-White Mountain Puzzles

I  enjoyed putting together the Van Gogh collage pictured above.  This one thousand piece intermediate puzzle comes out to 24" x 30" `so it is quite large and would look fantastic above a sofa or bed.  The completed puzzle was stunning.  I kept it around for a while so that others could view its beauty, then I dismantled it so that I can pass it on so that someone else can enjoy the process of putting it together.  

I'm not sure how many White Mountain Puzzles I will complete this winter, but it will be quite a few no doubt.  I'm like a kid in a candy store looking through their vast selection of puzzles.  

Where to buy: Both directly from White Mountain Puzzles Website or Amazon.com  either place offers free shipping

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