Petunia's Honest Skincare Without The Hype

There is no shortage of skincare and beauty products promising smoother, brighter and younger looking skin.  At times this can prove to be rather confusing. As consumers we are often inundated with choices, not to mention taking in by the latest fad ingredient.

Many companies prey on the ignorance of the consumer.  They often do this by incorporating the latest fad ingredient into their products for the sake of sales, yet these products fail to have any credible research.

I always advocate doing thorough research on a company before buying into the hype.

Petunia Skincare is a company dedicating to providing effective skincare.  They're products are mostly natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan.  There is credible scientific research backing up each product, and thankfully they come with an affordable price tag.

Serious Anti-aging eye serum that works on dark circles and bags

Revitalize Eye Serum from Petunia Skincare

Petunia Skincare doesn't carry a big product line-up, but what they do carry really delivers on results. This is the case with the Revitalize Eye Serum.   A little of this serum is all you need to moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes.  Sea Kelp Bioferment is the first ingredient in the eye serum.  This provides a non-oily moisture to the skin. Thus the serum glides on the skin and is absorbed quickly. The serum contains other moisturizing ingredients that quench the delicate area around the eye, Caffeine goes to work at combating bags and dark circles.

 I saw instant improvement as well as cumulative. Petunia Skincare is so confident in the efficacy of their products that they offer a full 90 day money back guarantee.

For more info visit Petunia Skincare  

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