Save Big On College Textbooks

Save big on textbooks

The cost of textbooks can be astronomical.  That is why a better option to buying textbooks is to rent them. CampusBookRentals offers some advantageous perks.  Their system is similar to renting a DVD from Netflix.  The shipping is free both ways,  they offer a large selection of textbooks; all in good condition, the process of renting is easy and super convenient.  The savings of up to 90 percent is certainly more viable for struggling students.   For more info visit

Earn money with unused Textbooks

CampusBookRentals is now offering a way for students to make money on their unused books with their new Rentback program.  This seems like a good opportunity for students to earn a little extra money. For more info visit

Each time you rent a book from CampusBookRentals they donate to Operation Smile; an international children's medical charity.

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