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If you asked me to describe the dynamic engineering of Propet Rejuve footwear I would be at a loss.  What I can tell you is that these are fantastic shoes that offer top notch support and happen to be the only shoes that work for my mom's problematic feet. 

I'm a huge proponent of wearing the right shoe. I've seen way too many people end up with all kinds of foot, back and knee problems as a result of not donning a good pair of shoes.  I guess you could say I wised up very early in life and have made it my mission to wear shoes that offer both a high level of comfort and support.  Yet, I failed at finding a shoe that my mom found beneficial for her troubled feet.  It was with my recent discovery of Propet USA that I found shoes that appeased both myself and my mom.  

I was fortunate enough to be sent a pair of Propet shoes from the Rejuve line. Here's a little of what makes these shoes beneficial. 

Rejuve line of footwear was designed by a podiatrist and engineered in a way to ensure proper foot and leg alignment.  One way they do this is by minimizing the effect of pronation.  

Pronation- "the way the foot rolls inward when you walk and run. It is part of the natural movement that helps the lower leg deal with shock." 

Another feature is the Deep Heel Cup which aids in controlling the inside and outside of the foot to guide proper motion.  

Helen from Propet's Rejuve line

Specifics for the Helen:

Leather upper
Neoprene comfort lining
Three adjustable hook and loop straps at the forefoot, instep and heel
Contoured topsole with microfiber sock lining
Cushioning EVA midsole offers all day comfort and support
High Performance rubber outsole offers traction and durability
Patented U-shaped design promotes the proper gait cycle
Helps to alleviate and reduce lower extremity and back pain

I may not be able to fully understand the dynamics of Propet's laboriously constructed shoe, however, I can tell you that they do deliver exeptionally in both comfort and support.  The 'Helen' is a great little sport shoe that will transition well into fall.  My mom really likes the soft upper because they stretch nicely over her bunion.  It wasn't easy giving these over to my mom, but in the end I'm thrilled that she is happy.  My mom does so much for me it was nice to do something in return.      

More shoes please!

Propet  has a wonderful selection of shoes at very competitive prices.  To learn more, purchase or find a local store visit

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