Don't be without Lumsing's new 5-Port USB Charger

I am not a gadget girl by any means and even I recognize that this handy device is a must-have! Considering the average household owns at least four gadgets.  I on the other hand own only a couple devices and even I find the Lumsing 5 Port USB Charger to be indispensable.

The benefits couldn't be more obvious, but if you're on the fence consider a few facts:

Enables you to charge up to fives devices at once
Cuts back on clutter
Great for travel (both local and international)
intelligent protection this ensures against over-powering
Well-made  fireproof plastic shell and high-performance PCB to ensure product reliability.

 Works for iPad, iPhone, Samsung Tab, and Android devices and more.  The ports are labeled for convenience, however, they are interchangeable.

Lumsing certainly did a great job when engineering this well-needed device.

Best of all it's affordable...find on Amazon for only 19.99 (60% off retail) and comes with a full one year warranty

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