This Summer's Hottest Fashion Picks

Those of us blessed with four seasons can surely breath a sigh of relief as we welcome the warm sun and the longer days.  The snow has long melted and we've left our hibernating caves readied to face world again. Many of us have started shopping for new, fresh apparel for our upcoming summer excursions. Fashion magazine are all the rage telling us what we need this summer.  The problem is that many of the fashions featured in magazines were presented on runways, and that doesn't always translate to the real world. While some of the latest fashion trends my be pretty, other ares outlandish.

I narrowed down a few summer essentials that will not only work this season, but continue to do so for years to come.

The perfect summer shoe

Forget the stilettos, go for something pretty and classic.   Naot offers a gorgeous selection of  fine shoes that will take you from shopping to dancing.  All their shoes feature a unique footbed that is designed to for optimal comfort.  I love my Naot shoes! they're like walking on a cloud barefoot. The fashion forward styles are a nice added bonus. They even manage to make my very unseemly feet look pretty.

Summer must-have shoes: Oleander in celadon/mirror on left, Vogue on right. Both
 from Naot

Where to find Naot:

 Amazon Naot Store

Don't underestimate the power of a good handbag

Think timeless and classic.  Stone Mountain offers high-end handbags at affordable prices.  Their bags feature a soft, light weight leather which makes them seasonally transitional.  I own the very rich looking Hampton Hobo pictured below and I absolutely adore it!  It not only looks fantastic, it boast some pretty impressive features.  Every detail is so finely crafted, even the signature lining is made of a nice thick material that won't tear.  These bags are built to last. I'm really loving the soft, light weight leather for the summer.

Stone Mountain Hampton Hobo pictured in Nutmeg   

Where to find:

For more in visit  you can also find select Stone Mountain bags on

Shoes that can withstand a beating 

Many of us like to take part in fun outside activities during the warm summer months.  Wearing athletic shoes such as sneakers can often be too hot and flip flops are just too flimsy.  Bokos are the perfect solution. Bokos durable, slip resistant shoes are comprised of a non-porous rubber which renders them resistant to water and odor.  All this and the look pretty darn good.  Love that they are available in so many striking colors.

Bokos Sandals in dark pink

Where to buy:

You can find them at
Find Bokos at

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