Love Your Cat Blogger Opp

This event is for all the myriads of folks out there that love their felines.  I'm featuring the best and most innovative cat products.

Top rated Cat littler boxes includes:

Winner's choice between a  Kitty A GoGo Litter Box or Feed-Safe

Best cat Scratcher and lounger 

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

Best new cat litter

Simple Solutions Pet Litter 17 lb box (10 Winners)

Event details

Grand prize winner if located within the US gets all the items above, if located Canada will receive choice of Kitty A GoGo Litter Box or Feed-Safe,  PetFusion Cat Scratcher and Simple Solutions Cat Litter.  Nine additional winners will receive Simple Solutions Cat Litter. (US/CAN)

Dates 7/7 through 7/28

Maximum of 50 blogs

Bloggers will receive a free Twitter link for posting and advertising the event with additional social media links available for purchase

Businesses will have the opportunity to purchase social media links

Come join this awesome event...closed.

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