Refreshing Juice Bars; The Perfect Summertime Treat

Who doesn't love frozen treats in the summer?  When I was a kid I would consume Popsicle after Popsicle.  All that playing outside in the sweltering heat, called for an arsenal of Popsicles and so forth.  Nothing seemed to quench my thirst quite like those cold, refreshing frozen treats, and they tasted so good.

I still love frozen treats, even in the winter, but they're really a perfect companion for warm summer days. As an adult, however,  I am much more concerned with quality of the product and that includes ingredients and caloric content.  This is why I'm very appreciative of Minute Maid Frozen Juice bars.

Minute Made Juice Bars; a yummie frozen treat for only 40 calories 

Made from real fruit juice, these satisfying treats are a meager forty calories per bar.  Available in Cherry, grape and orange.  I got to sample the cherry and it was quite yummie, the taste is as good as those summer treats I enjoyed as a kid.   I look forward enjoying these more throughout the summer.  

Also perfect for entertaining outside in the warm, balmy weather.

You can find these at your local grocer.  For more info visit them at JJ Snackfoods


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