Are You Prepared For An Emergency or Disaster

None of us want to think that we could be a victim of a disaster that leaves us in a vulnerable position, however, not being prepared and ready for this type of unfortunate event would not be the course of wisdom.

Disasters could come in many forms, for me the first thing that comes to mind is all this crazy weather we've been having over the last few years.  Many people are left without power,  basic necessities or worse yet, homeless.  I personally feel it is wise to have a few basic essential on hand, both in your car as well as in your home.

Some emergency essentials that you will need.

Extra water
Portable light
Shelter (includes emergency sleeping bags/tents/poncho)
First Aid Kit
Personal hygiene essentials

If you have a family then you may want to consider purchasing a full kit.  The one pictured below sells on Amazon for $99.00, it may well be worth the extra expense. 

Even if you are a family of two, the above kit would be nice to split between your car and home.  It contains all the essentials that you didn't even know you needed.   The kit will sustain a family of four for three days. 

I found the above kit on eBay for $29.99 and I think it's perfect for one person.  

I  personally like the kits because they take the guess work, and leg work, out of finding needed items, however, I'm sure many will be successful at making their own kits.  Both  eBay and Amazon have a bevy of supplies that will enable one to make a suitable kit.

Just don't let a disaster find you unprepared.


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