The Perfect Mommy Jean

I found the perfect mommy jean. These jeans are not really a jean, they just look like a really fashionable pair of on-trend denim, but, they are actually a stretch knit.

Regular denim jeggings are not the most flattering, unless you're rail thin, that's why I like these Cozy Skinny jeans.  They are made to flatter a women's body.

"Cozy" Skinny Jean by DG2 

This morning I subjected my grandmother to's presentation of DG2 apparel. Actually we were both deeply engrossed with the appealing duds being displayed.  I was practically salivating over the today's special pictured above.   Diane Gilman, the founder & designer behind DG2, targets the baby boomer generation; this irritates me because I find she is alienating big demographic, like myself, that would appreciate her jeans, after all they are designed with comfort being a key feature.

Another great pick: Superstretch Denim 8-Pocket Jegging

I purchased several of her jeans on clearance, I was only able to get light colors, but that's fine because I'll have them for spring.  Being curvy I would never be able to pull off a light colored jean in another line. They do tend to be a little high in the waist, which fine with me since I never tuck my tops. 

Another great option is the customer pick Superstretch Denim Jegging.  Stylish and comfortable and definitely not your typical tacky jegging.  Got to have it!

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