GlobeIn Introduces Treasures From Around The World

I always had the desire to travel around the world and really take the time to visit people and learn about various cultures.  There is so much the world has to offer and sometimes we limit ourselves to our own little corner.

GlobeIn is a innovative site that utilizes the convenience of the internet to bring us treasures found throughout the world, even in remotest settings.  They do this by taking the time to search and seek out artisans and then bring their talent to you and me.  This fair trade commerce is beneficial all around.

GlobeIn doesn't believe in starving artist.  They let the artisan choose their price and they don't take a cut, so the artist is getting their full asking price.  This shows ethics on the part of GlobIn.

The beautiful gifts featured on GlobeIn are truly one-of-a-kind treasures.  GlobeIn also brings you face-to-face with the artist by providing a photo along with a brief bio.

The stunning ring pictured above is brought to us by Dilmurod Sharipov; pictured on lower right, and Dilmurod is from Tajikistan.   Dilmurod's handcrafted this ring using fine materials which consist of  semi-precious stones and a decorated oval plate.   At only $106.00, whoever purchases this fine piece will have a gorgeous one-of-a-kind keepsake that will transcend, and be appreciated, by future generations.

Introduced in the seventeenth century in Russia, Khokhloma is a bygone art that has stood the test of time.   This striking custom bowl can be used for dinnerware, providing beauty and function.   This caught my eye as a candy dish that would go perfectly in my grandmother's den. GlobeIn has a really nice selection of this art and I noticed the prices rival others that I've seen online.

Artisan Gift Boxes for savings

 GlobeIn offers Artisan Gift Boxes that are offered monthly for only $29.99 a month, this includes shipping and that in itself makes it a good value. You can cancel at any time.  You are also given the option to sign up on a month to month basis.

Gift boxes are based on chosen preferences   

 What  will you receive with your subscription?   Up to four handcrafted items that are based on your selected preferences.  Because the artisans make the items to order, GlobeIn is then able to save on various cost such as shipping, this savings is then passed on to the consumer. So you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

An example of an Artisan Gift Box from GlobeIn 

The Artisan Gift Boxes would make a fantastic gift, offering the recipient something unique yet personalized, truly something to be cherished.

This is Qui from Italy, GlobeIn's supermodel, donning custom apparel it Qui!
Want to learn more?

You can find much more valuable information on GlobeIn's site at

Test samples may of been provided, most likely per my request or based on experience with product featured, no other compensation was provided and review is based on my personal opinion.

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