Edward's Delectable Cream Pies Are Perfect For Entertaining

I've lost around twenty pounds and I've been battling the last ten for what seems an eternity.  Yet, when I was offered the opportunity to review Edward's Cream Pies I didn't hesitate to say 'yes!'.  There's always a place for dessert and these looked positively wonderful.

I was happy that they were easily found at my local Giant.  Choosing flavors was a bit challenging, cause they all look fantastic.

If you are not familiar with Edward's Desserts then I strongly encourage you to visit the frozen dessert section of your local grocer and give them a try you will not be disappointed, they are absolutely delicious and perfect to have on hand for guest.

Since being on a diet I've gotten extremely picky with food.  If I'm going to eat dessert or candy, it has to be calorie worthy.  I'm certainly not going to jeopardize my diet on something I'm only going to semi enjoy.  These pies deliver high on satisfaction.  Every bite was pure decadent bliss!

One of the flavors I chose was the Mounds Coconut Cream Pie. If you like the candy you'll like the pie even more.  Perfect blend of coconut, cream, dark chocolate with a chocolate crumb crust render this cream pie perfect.  I also chose the Salted Caramel Pie.  Another winner that features rich vanilla filling, whipped cream, drizzled chocolate and caramel, all of which are perfectly enhanced with a graham cracker crust.  Of course they are more flavors I will be choosing in the future.

Edward's Cookies and Crème pie

Decadent is really the best word to describe these amazing pies.

Once I was ready to enjoy these desserts I removed them from the freezer and moved them to the garage; refrigerator would be another option.   I like them served a little chilled for the perfect consistency.  They do give a wonderful presentation.

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