Juil Shoes Provide Comfort And Well-being

I'm not a shoe person.  I failed to receive that shoe-gene that makes women everywhere go gaga over the latest shoe trends.  My preference is to be barefoot at all times, I love to feel the earth beneath my feet. Perhaps this is why I find myself going gaga over Juil shoes.  A shoe that looks good and is hyper comfortable is always a plus, and a rarity.  Juil even goes an extra mile to provide the wearer with a very special technology for health and well-being.

Earthing, or grounding,  what is it and how does it benefit health?

Our bodies need sunlight for health and it appears our bodies also need need direct contact with the ground.  There have been controlled clinical studies done that suggest lack of grounding can directly effect the immune and nervous system.  Many ailments are said to be associated with lack of grounding. I'm barefoot quite a bit in the summer and I noticed I feel much better in the summer than the winter. There is no denying that our bodies thrive when we live naturally and utilize the earth's resources.

Juil implements earthing in their shoes.

Juil shoes are crafted for grounding as well as optimal comfort.   Copper conductors are place at the toe and heels to provide the grounding connection.  Of course the makers of Juil shoes didn't stop there, these ultra comfortable shoes are constructed in a way that enables the foot to adjust naturally as opposed to fighting against a man-made support.

Juils are The most comfortable shoes I ever worn.    


I chose the Copenhagen leather clogs pictured above for the fall and winter.   I really love these shoes!  Out of all the comfort shoes I own these are my faves.   The fit is extraordinary.  The shoes are only available in half sizes, however, that wasn't a problem since the clogs run small I ordered the next size up and the fit is perfection.  For all other shoes it is advised to go down a size. The Copenhagen clogs are also available in brown. Two basic colors for the cooler months.

Juil carries various styles & colors as well as men styles

Juil carries a nice basic selection of shoes.  I would really like to see a sneaker or a athletic shoe. That in my opinion would be fantastic.  Most of the styles are comprised of leather, however, there are some vegan styles available.  The shoes retail for around eighty five dollars and I know that is a great price, considering the caliber of the shoes.  I own high-end shoes that retail for well over two hundred and I'm still loving these more.

Men's styles and sizes are also available

Test samples may of been provided, most likely per my request or based on experience with product featured, no other compensation was provided and review is based on my personal opinion.

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