Walk In Bathtubs Provide Safety & Luxury

A few months ago my grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  This ordeal has been devastating for the entire family.  Our goal is to keep my grandmother comfortable and safe.  Because my grandma has always been very independent, many of these adjustments have been somewhat difficult.

I really like walk in bathtubs because they provide safety, convenience and even luxury. The tub pictured below offers a patented jet system for a relaxing therapeutic soak.

A perfect marriage of safety and luxury

The tub also offers a handheld showerhead and a raised seat for an optimal luxurious experience.

Other features such as grab bars and no-slip floors make it accessible and safe for senior citizens or those with disabilities.   I feel that retaining one's independence is of primary importance.  I recently read an article that stated that losing ones independence was a stronger fear among the elderly than death.    It's something that many of us take for granted until it's too late.

We all desire that my grandmother live in her house for the rest of her life.  A Walk In Tub will enable her to do that while enabling her to be self-sufficient.
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