Don't Fly United Airlines Kids

I often come across horror stories of folks being needlessly kicked off of commercial airlines for petty reasons.   I"m sure I'm not alone in wondering if the airline was really concerned for the safety of their passengers or if they were misusing their power.   Just recently I was stunned to read a situation in which United Airlines diverted a flight so that a family of four could be escorted off the plane and evaluated by the FBI.   What did this family do to warrant such a reaction in the pilot that he felt the need to inconvenience this family along with an entire plane filled with passengers?

It appears that they had the gall to request that a TV monitor be either turned off or repositioned so that the violent content displayed in the movie not be visible to their children.  The movie being shown was PG13 rating and contained scenes of torture, decapitation and murder.  Certainly not suitable for the couple's four and eight year old children.

According to the letter written by the booted family, everything was cordial so the incident came as a shock not only to the family, but the other passengers that were aware of the situation.

So why the boot?

The family alleges that after they received a nay concerning their request, they then politely inquired as to whether or not the pilot had control over the entertainment being shown and if he had the power to remove the offending movie.

I strongly feel that a pilot's job is to safely transport folks from point A to point B. The flight's  entertainment should not be of concern to the pilot.  While I personally would find that annoying does it warrant the extreme reaction it received?   

  I'm not sure whether or not this is what caused the pilot to take the drastic, unneeded precaution,  but it certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to discern that a family concerned with their children viewing violence is not a threat to the safety of the airplane.

Apparently United Airlines offered little much in regard to the situation other than  "we are conducting a full review of our inflight entertainment".  Shocking that nothing else was offered to the inconvenienced and shocked family along with the passengers.

United Airlines doesn't appear to have the best reputation, no shocker there, I certainly won't be flying with them in the future.   I can't trust an airline that doesn't use proper discretion.

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