NanoStyle Brings A Universal Touch to Their Jewelry

In the picture above Pamela Anderson is sporting a rather unique pendent that caught my eye.  Upon closer inspection you can discern that within the pendant there is writing from various languages circling a heart.

I Love You 120 Languages Pendant features black onyx and 24
karat gold engraving. Available in 24 karat gold or sterling silver setting 

This is called the I Love You Pendant and it features the phrase 'I love you' in one hundred and twenty different languages.   NanoStyle is the company responsible for producing such an inventive piece of jewelry.

Onyx Peace Pendent features "Peace" in 120 languages.
The musical note CZ if perfect for a music lover.

NanoStyle is a relatively new Israeli based company that specializes in contemporary jewelry.  Their jewelry features universal messages set to onyx, cubic zirconium, sterling silver or 24 karat gold mediums.  The main appeal is the personalized messages that transcends distance and generations.  NanoStyle also offers a uniqueness to their personalized jewelry collection that truly gives it an advant-garde flair.   

Bring on the bling!

If you're like me and like the girly bling then you will really dig the the cubic zirconia version of the Love Pendant.  NanoStyle uses high quality cubic zirconia.  If you ever owned a good CZ  then you may have experienced that they often pass as diamonds. The CZ is my preference, yet I do like the unisex quality of the black onyx cause you need to have something to give to the men in your life.

Among the varied selection of personalized universal Jewelry my second favorite piece is the Rose Cubic Zirconia Pendent.  Available in several colors and offered in 24 karat gold or sterling silver.  It's simple, feminine and elegant.  I like the pendant pictured above.  It's plain sterling silver and high quality CZ.  So it's just that nice classic, goes-with-anything piece.  I think it's lovely, and I love the $95 price tag.  

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