Keep Your Hands Warm & Dry This Winter

Depending on where you live, you may be in for a harsh winter.  Even when mild, winter is bad enough.  So it's good time for some of us to start preparing for what lays ahead.

Why you need to protect your hands from the cold

It's no surprise that your hands and feet are the first to feel the effects from the cold.  This is said to be due to the lack of fat and muscle mass in these extremities.  Your hands are also the most exposed, so it's important to keep them covered during the colder weather.

I hate winter with a passion, I don't even shop for winter apparel because I'd rather be in denial that I'm living in such a dismal and harsh environment.  I usually will pick up something in a discount store that isn't sufficient enough to keep my hands warm in the milder cold.

I was sent a pair of the Homespun Gloves for review and these are the most luxurious gloves I've ever worn.

Homespun Gloves by The Grandoe Corporation

Aside from the charming patterns these gloves offer a snow fleece lining to really keep your hands nice and toasty.  To add to that element of soft warmth, the fleece lining is treated with aloe.  This is what gives the already snugly fleece an additional softness.

Digging your car out of the snow, making snowballs? not a problem because the microsuede palm is water resistance.  Another feature that I really like,  the glove is extended to the wrist, it actually covers my wrist  This is a feature that has greatly been lacking in all my other gloves and one that I definitely appreciate, there's nothing worse than a cold, wet wrist.

The retail value for these gloves is $35 They're not something I would normally purchase for myself, now as a gift yes.  I am happy to have the Homespun Gloves,  and it's nice knowing that they will help make my life a little easier during the horrid winter months.

I would suggest going up a size.  I'm a medium and was sent the large and they fit my hands perfectly.

Homespun Gloves

I was provided the following product for review and was under no obligation to post a review.  The thoughts expressed are purely mine.  

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