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I never realized Kate Middleton had such great style until I saw these photos.  It's mainly because I really don't pay attention to the goings on of the royal family or the world of celebrity in general.  Yet, I can't deny that many of these folks are true fashionistas with consummate taste.  I also have to acknowledge the fact that this is almost identical to some of my ensembles   The common thread throughout all of the above outfits is the classic black tights.

I live in tights; Spring, Fall and Winter, they're a main staple in my wardrobe that get a lot of mileage. My two main favorite types of tights are the slimming tights and those from Kushyfoot.

Kushyfoot is all about comfort.  All of their hosiery offers a unique reflexology inspired sole which adds a little massage with each step.    I was sent the Rib Style Microfiber Opaque Tights for review and as always the quality is top of the line.  They provide a nice coverage with a silky feel.  The Rib style is my favorite because the straight lines give the illusion of thinner legs.

Microfiber Opaque Rib Style Tights by Kushyfoot

Kushyfoot is offering several colors for their Rib Collection, all great colors that are very practical and on trend this season.   The tights retail for only $8.99 each so they're also a fantastic value.

But wait..Kushyfoot demonstrates that they're once again on the cutting edge of fashion...

Celebrities sporting leopard print flats introducing their Fleecy Leopard Flats To Go. 

Fleece Leopard Print Ballet Flats from Kushyfoot

These transportable flats are wonderful.  I think the leopard print is my fave. It's a truly classic print that appears to be all the rage this season.  These flats are warm, soft and comfortable, perfect for the cooler weather.  They also contain the signature reflexology inspired sole. Only $9.99.

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