Fashionable & Affordable Dresses From Shabby Apple

When a woman dresses proactively it always comes across as desperate.  Think about it, low cut top, too high hemline and uncomfortably high heels.  Normally these women are not dressing for themselves, but rather they're dressing for the attention of the opposite sex.   For many of us, the thought of dressing in that fashion is not an image that we want to project.  I would much rather dress for myself.  Nice and comfortable, yet still stylish.

The founders of Shabby Apple were not designers.  They simply had a vision to fulfill a need in the market.   Practical stylish clothing that provided a modest approach.  It was also important that the clothing be affordable.

Setting perimeters for their designers provided a challenge that spurned on extra creativity.  The result is a feminine, vintage inspired collection.

The three cocktails dresses pictured above retail for under one hundred dollars.  Classically elegant and stylish, this is how I like to dress.

Shabby Apple has grown considerably since its small beginnings not that long ago.  This is reflected in the high demand for this type of fashion.  It appears that women, like myself, want a more conservative approach to fashion than what is presented in current trends.


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