Is Teresa Guidice Guilty As Charged?

Bravo's Real Housewives series is my guilty pleasure.  Although I can really only stomach three of the series.  I started off with Atlanta; thanks to the very entertaining NeNe Leakes, and later got hooked on the Beverly Hills and New Jersey Wives, the latter being my favorite.  I think my addiction to this show may have something to do with my Italian background and all that delicious looking home cooked food.  I have found most of the Housewives to be unstomachable, I can only handle so much superficiality, ugliness and drama.  I'm a lightweight:)

It's obvious that the producers of this Bravo Juggernaut are creating massive drama by manipulation and exploitation.   Yet, we as viewers are victims of our own warped propensity for other people's drama, so we tune in.  This could be partly due to lack of any real connection or excitement in our own lives or perhaps the need to understand our own psyches in regard to how we fare in our own relationships.   Either way, we're at the mercy of the camera lens and all its machinations.

If you've been tuning in to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey, then you most likely have formulated an opinion on Teresa Guidice's involvement in the season finale's fiasco.   Oh the drama!

First lets recap:

Last season tension arose as Teresa Giudice's estranged family was introduced to the cast, forcing Teresa; a staple on the show, into a rather undesirable situation.  Yes, we as viewers witnessed the tension the results in sibling rivalry.  We were also introduced to new cast mates: Joe Gorga; Teresa's brother who happens to be a riot, and his wife Melissa Gorga, as well as Teresa's lovely cousin Kathy Wakile and her rather amusing husband Rich.  

To viewers, the catalyst of the estranged siblings appeared to be due to rivalry between Teresa and her sister-in-law Melissa.   Through most of this season, however, all seemed to be resolved and all the family were getting along splendidly.

The finale to end all finales

Ah, but as we learned, Bravo certainly can't retain high ratings with happy people getting along, after all where's the drama in that?     So we have the finale to end all finales.   The old rumor that has been repeated by Teresa when the family were at odds is that her sister in-law Melissa once danced at a strip club before meeting her brother had resurfaced.  A confrontation between Melissa and her "former employer" was all set up to go down at a yearly fashion show that has consistently delivered high drama every season since the shows commencement.

The burning question on the minds of fans: Was Teresa involved in dredging up Melissa's alleged past?

It appears that most folks; including her cast mates have deemed Teresa guilty, yet a few minutes ago I read that Bravo producers are saying that Teresa is innocent of all charges of any involvement in setting up her sister-in-law.  I'm not surprised.

First, the dude claiming to be Melissa's former boss approached Teresa in regard to Melissa working for him at his "gentlemen's club" in a very suspect scenario.  He was then later heard recounting his words.  After the fact he claimed that he was set up by Teresa and Kim.

For starters, why on earth would someone take part in besmearing one's reputation by telling a bold face lie because as they claim they were approached to do so, it doesn't make sense.   Then to cowardly recount their words and actions as if it was all in good fun.  I don't buy it, this dude has no credibility.

Nope, don't think Teresa is the catalyst of this debacle.

It doesn't appear that Teresa set up her sister-in-law, yet she certainly didn't run from the situation.  I feel that Teresa warmed to this situation because she secretly wanted to be vindicated in regard to the credibility of her former charges against her sister-in-law, and this was the perfect opportunity.

I also feel that Teresa is the most compliant when it comes to producer-manipulated drama.  After filing for bankruptcy not that long ago, Teresa certainly has a lot at stake in regard to sustaining her place on the show.

I have quite a few opinions and theories, but I do recognize that they are tentative, considering that we the viewers are at the mercy of the editing room.

Based on previews of the reunion show, I'm not expecting any resolution.   I'm sure Bravo would prefer to keep the drama going and generate viewer anticipation.

So what's gonna happen next season?  if you're anything like me you probably can't wait to find out how it will all transpire with Teresa once again being the bad guy and completely alienated from the rest of the cast.  Soon the Beverly Hills season will be starting and this will help tide me over till next season.  Oh, but I do hate those season breaks.


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Amanda @ Coping with Frugality said...

I have never watched this show, but after reading your recap I may have to check it out!

Lauren Ivy Chiong said...

It truly is a guilty pleasure, and let's face it, a lot of fun! Just for fun, I wanted to share this post with you, "How I became a Real Housewife of New Jersey":

Thanks for sharing!

Georgette said...

I must state several things first off:
1. I am not a regular viewer. Some call it 'guilty pleasure television', I call it 'bored and there's nothing better on television'. I am not a big reality TV fan; I am with you on the Atlanta version- I liked NeNe Leakes, and that's probably the only reason I watched on and off, truth be told. This bunch seem vapid and annoying as hell(pardon the language, but it's seriously how I feel). 2. What I have seen makes me pretty insane, in general.
I'm going to use my life experience and apply it here. In my experience, people who are missing things in their life create drama to start crap.When their roles are discovered, usually they lie and make up things to create more drama. It's all about them, because ultimately, as the case here, it's discovered who leaked the gossip and all hell breaks loose. I think Teresa is a very attention-starved lady seeking attention. From her idiot husband calling her a c*** on a recent episode onward, why would she want that televised? So her children can see what a good role model Dad is, calling their mom that reprehensible word? The producers likely smelled ratings gold, and kept it on the air. That's just awful. Someone should give these reality tv stars and producers a reality check, and maybe THEN film them. Just my two cents.

lisa said...

I don't think they really have a say in what is televised and they are aware of this from the start. I do have a feeling, or I wouldn't be surprised if Teresa is earning more $ than the rest of the cast. I would like to think that Bravo compensates for extra exploitation. When ya think of it, it is all so wrong and Bravo should be ashamed of themselves, perhaps they could start by removing all the other Housewives and just leave the ones that I watch:)

Unknown said...

I LOVE this show!!! Glad to see I am not alone :)


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