Glass Handbag; The Ultimate In Style & Function

 The collection of handbags from Glass Handbag rivals the top designers, they're simply gorgeous!  That in itself is more than enough for any fashionista, but there's more, these bags offer a feature that is unique and well needed.

What is this feature?

 A handbag with lighted interior, how genius is that?!  The creative mind behind this patented feature is renowned fashion photographer Tamera Leuty.  Glass Handbag features on point and on trend designs that offer convenience.  No more blindly searching through the abyss of one's handbag.  Now you can look like a million bucks without holding up the lines at your fave stores or aimlessly looking for keys or cosmetics and whatnots.

Glass Handbag is the perfect marriage of fashion and function.

To learn more and to win your choice of bag visit this link
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