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  I have the heart of an artist, but the skill of a hippo.  I'm incapable of drawing a straight line without a ruler, or a circle without a circle maker, and even then it's iffy.   In spite of my lack of ability, I have a strong admiration for those blessed with talent.  Every now and then I'll come across the work of a skilled artist that really catches my eye, and like all good bloggers I endeavor to share my findings with my readers. You're welcome:)

Yellow Bird Painting by Pamela Corwin 

Renowned artist Pamela Corwin's art has a whimsical quality that I absolutely love.   Or you could call it feel-good art, I know it automatically makes me happier.  Pamela uses mainly watercolor and acrylics, and from what I understand this is actually a more challenging medium.  As you can see, the colors are beautiful and vibrant, truly worth the painstaking detail that is required to produce such lovely work.

I actually discovered Pamela from the online website titled Paper Scissors Rock, there you can find adorable keepsakes set to a backdrop of Pamela's art.  Everything from various clocks, nightlights, magnates, greeting cards and more.  Just the perfect little gifts.

Pamela sent me a alarm clock to review, and I can tell ya it's really adorable. Very solid quality and they come with a lifetime warranty.   Of course the piece de resistance is Pamela's art.  Choosing was extremely difficult, but I ended up with floral design that is really charming.  The second hand carries a little water pail, a cute little detail that adds a lot of charm.

Wall Clocks; only $32 each

I'm getting ready to redecorate the bathroom and I plan to use either the Yellow Bird Painting or the Spring Bouquet; pictured below, as my main inspiration.  Either painting will take center stage and I'll use either blue or green colors for the paint color.

Spring Bouquet by Pamela Corwin

Or I could use one for my bedroom, I would love to wake up to either image.  There's no denying the feel-good quality with this art.  For me that's the main appeal, it's happy art, you just can't help but love it.

You can find Pamela's collectibles and keepsakes at psrock.com 

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