Is Perfectly Posh A Worthy Business Venture?

Perfectly Posh is a company that not only offers bath and beauty products, but also offers business opportunities.  Here's my honest opinion about the company and products.

While there are a few things I found appealing about the company, there were a few things that really turned me off.

The company does not claim to be a vegan company, but claims to have vegan products, this is their reason for lack of vegan certification.   One such product I checked contains Stearic Acid, the added information failed to stipulate whether this was obtained via a vegetable or animals source. Past experience has taught me that's never a good sign.  I only saw one product that was said to be 100% vegan.  

I confronted the company as to why there is no information concerning the products being vegan in their catalog,  The reason they claimed, is because they are not certified, yet the one product that claimed to be 100% vegan is also not certified.   So something seems a bit off.

I like that All the products come with fun names such as The Bobinator; bath bombs, and Sugar Fix which is a body scrub.  It's evident that a lot of creativity went into developing these products.

  I was sent a full size of the Feng Soap to review and sample, unfortunately this is one of the soaps that contain stearic acid, so I am saving it for a friend who doesn't have a problem using ingredients derived from animal fat.

The Detox Body Mudd Stripper; "is said to Absorbs up to 1000 times its own weight in dirt and
free-radical pollution."  

 The Chunk Soaps are a lot of fun and a slight cut above the average supermarket fare, two to three ounces larger than the norm and a little is needed to achieve a good lather.  But, at nine dollars per bar they're way over priced.

I was also sent the Lei Away Purely Pampering Body Lotion, Hottie Patottie Sinful Skin lotion as well as a couple body butters.  Both absorb quickly into the skin and smell amazing!

Business opportunity

The products I mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg.  Perfectly Posh offers a bounty of products for all members of the household, many of which people use on a daily basis so there is practicality to this type of business.  I can see the appeal, but personally I feel that if this were perhaps a vegan company or even if the products were impressively pure, then it would be a worthwhile endeavor.  In the end it's just another multi-media marketing venture with an inferior and over-priced product.  I do, however, recognize that many folks may foolishly succumb to the charm of these products.


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