Life in The Balance Contest-Don't Miss Out!

How do you create balance in your life?  Submitting an answer to this question could win you prizes valued up to $1900!

Weekly winners will each receive Hemp shirts as well as products from Manitoba Harvest and Natural Vitality.

Grand Prize winner will win a phone consultation with Ashley Koff RD, celebrity dietitian & author of Mom Energy, a Happy Belly Bag designed by celebrity dietitian Ashley Koff and Natural Vitality and Manitoba Harvest Balancing Makeover Kits, including their award winning products and more.

To enter visit Natural Vitality on Facebook

To learn more about this contest visit Natural Vitality Contest Rules

A little about Natural Vitality's award winning supplements.

Nautural Vitality is a company that makes top quality supplements.  Something that is missing in the mass-produced world of supplements.  All of Natural Vitality supplements are derived from organic food sources and are free from any junk ingredients and of course GMO's.   All their ingredients are attained via organic farming.

They have generously offered to give one of my readers their award winning Natural Calm which is designed to combat stress.

Natural Calm is the best selling Magnesium Supplement on the market for over three years

Many people suffer with a magnesium deficiency and don't realize it.   This can result in many symptoms that include

and more..

What makes the Natural Calm so effective is the proper balance of calcium and magnesium.  Too much calcium could actually deplete magnesium.  Thus having just the right balance enables the body to fully benefit from these nutrients.

Another factor is the lack of absorption in the body.  Natural Calm comes in water soluble powder that your body fully utilizes.  It's available in various flavors such as raspberry-lemon, cherry and orange.  

Click to purchase Natural Calm at a discounted price

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