NuNAAT Hair Care: Causing Me to Re-think Shampoo

I've often complained about my problematic hair in the past.  I consider my hair to be a conundrum; it's fine, yet course,  it's thin, yet there's a lot of it, so it appears to be somewhat thick.  One thing that is undeniable and that is my hair is damaged.   It doesn't help that I insist on coloring my hair so that it can attain a medium warm hue that is ever so slightly lighter than my natural hair color.

For years I've been a Wen girl and even promoted it on my secondary blog a couple years ago.  Mainly because shampoo tends to be too harsh for my hair.     Due to the cost I've had to look elsewhere.  Fortunately I have found some nice alternatives that I presented on my site.

I'm happy to present another product that is now my new favorite.   I'm thrilled with NuNAAT!  thus far I tried the Karite line and this is ideal for my hair type; dry, damaged and brittle.  It is said to restore "natural brilliance to chemically processed hair".  One thing I can certainly attest to is the color of my hair is completely intact after several shampoos with the NuNAAT Karite line.   Based on my experience It would appear that this line is ideal for color-treated hair.

I'm also finding that flat-ironing my hair is optional.  My hair is no longer frizzy, but rather wavy, so I'm comfortable with the look of my hair sans the flat iron.

Karite means shea butter, thus this line is said to be made with Shea butter.  Shea Butter is listed in the ingredients under Butyrospermum Parkii.   I certainly can't deny the fact that my hair responds really well to this line.

The  Karite Nourishing Shampoo contains sulphate, sodium and chloride.  Everything I've been trying to avoid for the last three years.   These ingredients cause hair to lather, yet I don't find that the Karite shampoo causes a real intense lather and I also don't find it to be as drying as most shampoos and this includes the sulphate-free shampoos that I've used in the past.   My hair is dry and damaged so I still need a conditioner, but my hair is not the normal straw mess that I'm accustomed to dealing with after shampooing.

Karite Special Reconstructive Conditioner is amazing.  Conditions and detangles my hair leaving it soft and manageable.  This is not an easy task considering my extreme hair type.

Karite Special Hair Mask: I used this the last time I shampooed my hair, I let it sit on my hair three minutes maximum as opposed to the recommended fifteen minutes, the results are super soft, healthy looking hair without a flat iron.

Karite Thermo Active Anti-frizz: This is heat activating and best used on wet hair before blow drying. This also provides protection for hair from styling tools and leaves it shiny.  A must-have for all!

Karite Special Leave-in Detangler:  This is only necessary for me if I have gone several days without combing or brushing my hair.  Yes you read correctly,  don't judge me.   Some days it's just easier to brush my teeth and put my hair up and go.   Over all the Karite line is so effective that I normally don't need the Leave-in Detangler.

Smells amazing.  I normally hate anything with fragrance, however, NuNAAT smells fantastic and the fragrance does dissipate so that it's not quite as strong as when initially applied.  So even if you have a sensitivity to fragrance, you may find NuNAAT to be perfectly fine.

I would normally expect to pay quite a bit for a product that delivers these types of results, however, NuNAAT is very affordable even for me;)  I'm also finding that I don't need a lot of any of the products so I know that they will last.  The extras such as the mask, detangler and the ant-frizz will no doubt last longer than the shampoo and conditioner.  This is truly budget-friendly.

NuNAAT carries a bevy of lines that are really idea for dry, damaged and color-treated hair.  So you really don't have to pay a fortune to achieve salon results if your hair ain't up to par.

Where can you find NuNAAT?  Just about anywhere including Walmart,  Sally Beauty Supplies as well as online.

Click here to find NuNAAT

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