Mikarose; Classy & Stylish Women's Apparel

The original title for this post was "Mikarose; Creating Blog-worthy Women's Apparel", as facetious as this may sound I couldn't be more serious, and here's why..

.. I've been approached by online boutiques in the past and I have always been really disappointed.  Finally I was approached by Mikarose and I was blown away by their lovely apparel.

Mikarose offers unique yet timeless women's apparel.  Their motto is to reinvent modesty, the results of their mission are classic pieces that will never be outdated, but rather will always be on-trend.

Please don't confuse Mikarose's lovely apparel with dowdy.  If anything it could be said that the modest pieces sold at Mikarose are intrinsically linked with classy.  Longer skirt and dress lengths; slightly above to just below the knee,  just look better and tend to be more flattering.

The two dresses above are simple and elegant.  As with many of the items on Mikarose's site, these dresses are suitable for special occasions, work and evening.

 I received the Emma for review, pictured below.  The dress is gorgeous!  I really love the material,   I would describe it as kind of a jersey knit, it's really soft and flowy as well as extremely comfortable.  It was delivered folded, yet it was barely wrinkled.  Mikarose offers quite a few items in this material, the perfect anywhere-dress that travels well.  I couldn't be more pleased with dress and it's one that will get a lot of wear.   This retails on Mikarose's website for only $44.99.

Mikarose has an awesome selection of skirts as well as tops and accessories.  I would encourage all to visit their site and be blown away by their timeless fashion.

You can find them at mikarose.com

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