BTB Sport Optics Sets a New Bar for Quality Sunglasses

Here in the east coast we're all enjoying a really awesome heatwave.  Everyone's getting plans together for some nice summertime activity that will include cycling, swimming, camping and a visit to a amusement park.

As a compliment to these activities I wanted to do a BTB Sport Optics Sunglasses promotion.

I have this weird tendency to hoard sunglasses, I probably have around 100 pairs, I kid you not.   Throughout my inventory of every conceivable type of sunglasses  I have never encountered anything quite like BTB Sport Optics.

BTB Sunglasses offers some rather impressive features for a fraction of the average cost.  This is why I'm now a huge fan of BTB.

For starters these glasses are durable, so much in fact that the lenses are bullet resistant, they actually meet military standards.  The makers of these sunglasses really did their homework to design glasses that would not only provide UVA and UVB protection, but would include other special features.  One such feature is the high definition technology.  What this does is provide greater visibility.   I can see so much better in these glasses, and this is really a well needed change from what I've been accustomed to wearing.

BTB frames are designed to give the wearer maximum side protection as well as superior peripheral vision. 

There's no doubt that the technology behind theses sunglasses is impressive, however, what sealed the deal for me is that BTB has a nice selection of men and women's sunglasses that accommodate facial sizes.     As someone with a small head/face it has always been hard to find glasses that didn't completely drown me out, this is why is why I tend to buy so many, I'm always looking for that perfect fit.  Many times I'll find glasses that fit, but then they lack in other areas such as vision or proper protection.  On the other hand, I couldn't be more pleased with my BTB Sunglasses, they deliver in  both quality and aesthetics.


BTB carries both sporty and recreational sunglasses.  For the quality and price they can't be beat!

To purchase BTB Sunglasses visit: BTB Sunglasses

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