Protective Sunhats by Dorfman Pacific

I use to have a friend that loved to suntan.  She was older than me and I always felt her preference to tan in the sun was a generational thing.  I, on the other hand, am the enlightened generation.  The ramifications of too much sun has not only been inculcated into us, but we witnessed the negative affects of this former obsession, whether it be skin cancer or prematurely wrinkled skin.  This is why I prefer to get my tan out of a bottle.

Oh, but I do love the sun! Any expendable time I get in the spring/summer is spent outdoors.   This is why I'm thrilled with the Scala Collezione line of hats by Dorfman Pacific.

 These gorgeous hats provide a UPF; Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50.  If you're not familiar with UPF ratings,  a rating of 50 is considered excellent.  You can see that the hats are a good size and will provide full-face/neck protection.   The hats are also easy to fold and have the ability to bounce back into shape.  This means they can be folded to fit into just about any handbag.

So no excuses to not have your hat with you at all times.

Visit Sunhats for more discounted hats. 

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