Get Fit: Slimming Capri by Marika

Summer is fast approaching and this means no more fat-hiding layers.  So now is the time I start to buckle down and really get serious about getting in shape.  Unfortunately the winter is not kind to my body.  NO not kind at all!

This is why I've chosen to do a blog series on getting fit.  Hopefully this will inspire myself as well as others suffering with the same condition;)

Now, what this means for many of us is more time spent at the gym.  Getting to the gym can be hard when you are packing on a few extra pounds.

I love the different cardio classes offered at my gym, but the problem I have is with those mirrors.  Don't get me wrong, I certainly appreciate the import of checking my form, but when you're feeling bad about yourself an otherwise positive workout can be counter productive when you're forced to view yourself at your worst.   I often end up pigging out as a way of placating and soothing my crushed self-esteem.  I realize this isn't the best coping mechanism.

This is why I chose to start off the series with what I call wonder apparel.  Marika Miracles Slimming Capri Leggings are the perfect remedy to your gym wardrobe woes.  These slimming Capris really do slim ya down, I would say a good ten pounds.

"The Miracles line by Marika utilizes a slimming ELASTA-TIGHT Dry-Wik fabric and incorporates patent approved and patent pending designs and technologies.."

They lift, control and keep moisture at bay and they are very comfortable.  The only downside is that they only come in black. I would like Marika to include charcoal grey and navy blue because when I find something that makes me look slimmer I kinda like to stock up on that item.  I personally don't feel these should be limited to the gym, I could easily where these everywhere.

 Marika Miracles Capri Slimming Leggings retail for a worthy $60, but at the moment you can find these for only $48 at

Lipton Publicity Inc. provided me these awesome capris for a possible review. I was under no obligation to review or blog about the product
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