Get Fit: Chick Pz Delicious Diet-friendly Snacks

Every one of my weight loss/getting fit endeavors naturally start off with the best of intentions.   A big obstacle that I've dealt with in the past is the feeling of deprivation.  I found that having healthy snack alternatives on hand is key to success.

I recently discovered Chick Pz by Nutty Bean Company.   These well-seasoned chickpeas score big on taste and pass with diet-friendly colors.

Chick Pz; Sweet & Spicy Chipotle

I, understandably, like that Chick Pz are low in calories and fat, but the fact that they average 4 grams of fiber and protein is what makes them so satiating.  Feeling satisfied is extremely important when you're attempting to cut back on calories.  The fact that I'm content after a serving is pretty amazing especially considering that my stomach was once dubbed The Abyss.   I honestly feel like I'm snacking on nuts.  As healthy as nuts are I would never be able to get away with consuming that many nuts, considering the high fat content in nuts.

These wonderfully seasoned chickpeas are a brilliant alternative to nuts.

I have three favorites out of the four flavors I tried; Sesame Crunch, Sweet & Spicy Chipotle and Chai Vanilla.  I'm also discovering new ways of using Chick Pz. For instance I started to add the Chai Vanilla to cereal and smoothies.  The others I've just been eating out of the bag, but there are some nice recipes and ideas at the Nutty Bean Company.

Tuscan & Garlic Herb Chick Pz compliment a salad.  A better
alternative to plain croutons 

You won't find any junk ingredients in Chick Pz. 

No Trans Fats
No Added Oils
No Preservatives
No Artificial Flavors
No Cholesterol
No High Fructose corn syrup 
No Genetically modified ingredients

Find Chick. Pz

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