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I live in the U.S. and one thing is for certain, and that is we really love our pets.  The amount of money Americans spend on their pets is said to have doubled in the last decade.  I'm no doubt a major contributor to this statistic considering all the fancy toys, blankets, treats and so forth I have shelled out on my cat.

I shudder when I hear stories of how hard pets had it back in the olden days.  A life filled with table scraps and spent mostly outdoors braving the elements.  I'm sure you will agree that this is no life for our precious animals.  Fortunately many companies have met the needs to help us provide a better life for our pets.  Of course I recognize that there are plenty of superfluous stuff out there that is most likely for our benefit only.  I know I have spent a fortune on fancy pet toys when a simple string or feather would of sufficed.

There are, however, items that make living with an animal companion a little easier and more enjoyable. I have come across a couple items from TeleBrands that I are essential for both cats and dogs.

Comfy Harness is just that, a comfortable harness for dogs and even cats.  The material is mesh, light weight and sturdy.  Most importantly far safer than attaching leashes to collars.  Pulling on a collar can cause neck injuries and even strains.

I let my cat go outside every now and then when the weather is nice.  I keep him on a long leash attached to the clothes line and many times I see him straining his little neck.  A couple of times he has even gotten loose, but happily stayed in the yard.    I have my reasons for not wanting my cat to wonder off on his own and that would be another post.

It is easier for me to get him in the Comfy Harness than other harnesses that I have tried in the past. If you ever tried to put anything on a cat you can appreciate the challenge.  Once it was on he was fine, he wasn't gnawing at it trying to remove it, rather he just went about his business.

I chose the medium and it's a bit big, but it somehow works.  The fact that it attaches with Velcro makes the process of sizing; as well as getting it on a cat;) much more doable. Because it's adjustable, sizing isn't a problem.  I simply chose the wrong size, but I'm not disappointed by any means. It's just a little roomy, I'm happy that it stays on securely and is comfortable for the cat.  This will get a lot of use in the warm weather.

The next must-have for pets is called Pet Rider.    I have come to appreciate that many dog breeds shed far more than any cat.  Dogs are also more active, thus they tend to get really dirty.  Lets not forget claw damage to our furniture which can be caused by either dog or cat.  This is where Pet Rider comes in handy.

Pet Rider will protect car seats from animal dirt or damage.  Pet Rider is water resistant, machine washable, claw resistant, easily wipes clean and has seat-belt access.  You can also use this in your house to protect furniture.

As you can see by the image this drapes over the entire car seat which is ideal since most dogs; or cats, tend to up the entire back seat.

Two pet must-haves that will get a lot of use and won't break your budget.  Both items are available at
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tannawings said...

I havent tried the comfy harness, but do use a harness for our dog when walking any distance (he is large)
The one product I dont have that I wish I did is the Pet Rider. Luckily Odin stays put, but for people with 'jumpy' pets this can be a lifesaver- an animal jumping around in the car is really dangerous and distracting.

Nice review- thank you!

lisa said...

@tannawings thanks for the comment. I know many dogs; and cats, like to look out both windows so they tend to vacillate back and forth.


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