The Dangers of Dish Detergent

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest the most dangerous household product is dishwashing detergent.   Even more so than drain cleaner, that surprises me.

Many common dishwashing detergents contain various toxic ingredients.  One ingredient is said to release a  carcinogenic formaldehyde.   Is it any wonder that the air that you breath inside your home is said to be far more toxic than outside pollutants.  I read a statistic that indoor pollution is the catalyst for 50%  of all illnesses.

Different studies have even shown that housewives are at a much greater risk at developing cancer than those that work outside the home.

This is serious business and if we don't make changes in regard to the products we choose to use, we may in fact be putting ourselves and our family at risk.

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Helen Keeler said...

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Unknown said...

Great giveaway. I'll give this to my sister or my mom who both have dishwashers. They'll love it if I win.

Tina "The book Lady"

Tami Campbell said...

Having been extensively exposed to toxic mold, I am acutely aware of the dangers of chemicals and all of the extra "junk" in standard household items today. I love you site and love the opportunity to win this product!

carol y l said...

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