Working With Friends

The following in a guest post from Sylvester Campbell

"Working with friends is fun but there are a lot of challenges that come with it, too. It’s hard being in the office with your best friend all day then still wanting to socialize with them at night and it’s even harder when you feel like your business partner isn’t doing as good a job as you want them to be. I love Kurt and we just get each other but sometimes I feel like we’re more like brothers than we are partners. We fight and always make up and at the end of the day we both bring something different to the table that makes our small business effective. For example, last week Kurt pointed me to for credit card processing which I think is going to save us a lot of money. I then told him that I hired an intern to work for free which should also be great for business! It’s things like this that really keep us on top of our industry here and that I hope we can continue with." -Sylvester Campbell
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