Tales of An Insomniac

For years I suffered with chronic insomnia.  I exhausted every conceivable treatment imaginable including having needles stuck in various parts of my body.  Many of these treatments did have temporary benefits, but nothing long term.  This was a very dark period in my life and one thing I did learn is the import of having a nighttime routine.

One or two hours before bed I relax in front of the TV; nothing violent, just nice relaxing programs.  This is the only time of day I watch television.   You may of heard it said that this is a sleep no-no, however, if not over done this has actually been effective at helping me to establish a sleep schedule.  Of course keeping the TV on all night is obviously counter productive.

I actually came across a nice selection of TV Beds at bedstar.co.uk I personally think this is a fantastic concept. In spite of the fact that watching TV in bed is said to break the rules on "sleep hygiene", if used properly in can be advantageous.  There are nights when I am having problems sleeping, perhaps there is a lot on my mind. That's when I find the TV to be a great distraction that enables me to lull off to sleep.

Just remember to set the sleep timer so that you don't fall asleep with the TV on. 

These beds are also ideal for when your under the weather, being sick isn't fun, but recovering in a TV bed makes the situation a bit more bearable. 

 The Beauty with these beds is that the TV gets tucked away and you are left with a charming bed.  I'm all about furniture that saves space by performing double duty.

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