Baby's Recovery

Yesterday my cat had his teeth cleaned for the first time.  For those of you who don't have cats, this is actually quite necessary because like humans cats can develop periodontal problems that can lead to a host of other health problems. 

Many cats are also prone to tooth resorption and this can be very painful for the cat and of course lead to more serious problems if not treated.  Only an x-ray can determine completely if a cat has this condition. So it was important that kitty get a full dental cleaning and check-up.

It was also unavoidable to put my cat under for this ordeal.  I personally hate anesthesia. I would much rather be in a state of twilight than to be completely under.  Twilight is euphoric, while being put out with anesthesia is;  for a lack of a better word, icky. 

Well, my cat had his teeth cleaned and all went smoothly.  Recovering from the anesthesia, however,  not so much.

 Poor thing, as soon as a brought him home from the vet I took him out of his crate and gave him a brief dry bath.  Then he remained comatose on the floor where he no doubt would of remained if I hadn't moved him to an adorable pet bed that I had just purchased.

 This is his first official kitty bed.  Since he has the run of the house he never needed his own bed, however,  while he is recovering from anesthesia I didn't want him jumping on the furniture and getting hurt, thus the need for his own little bed.

This is the perfect recovery bed for him and so worth paying full retail price.  Seeing kitty recover in comfort is priceless.   I am anxious to see if he continues to use this bed after he is recovered.

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