Keeping a Tidy Office

I am a bit challenged when it comes to keeping things tidy.  My office is the perfect example of my lack of tidiness.  Papers, books, trash, etc., flood my desk and floor.

Lately I have been thinking about revamping my office.  My current furniture is nothing but a big old wood table that I think may of been my dads when he was a kid.  So it is pretty old.  I also have two filing cabinets that I am using a drawers and a wicker shelf.    So I think it's about time for me to revamp this space.

I have my eye on the L shaped computer desk.  I love the functionality that they provide.  This would enable me to be organized and keep clutter to a minimum.

 I also like the corner computer desk for saving space.  If you want a desk for your living room or bedroom these would be ideal because you can tuck them away neatly in a corner.

Reversible computer desk offer versatility, that is you can change the desk top for a different finish.

Having a actual desk would enable me to be organized as well as inspire me to keep a tidy office. And perhaps be more productive.
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