Star Jones The Villain on Celebrity Apprentice

If you have been watching The Celebrity Apprentice you will surely appreciate that this season is really getting off to a bang. 

Last nights episode was somewhat disturbing.   Star Jones and Dionne Warwick took the show into a different dynamic.  I felt like I was watching Survivor Heroes Versus Villains; the villains being Star Jones and Dionne Warwick, and their mission was to take the project leader down, or as in Survivor, eliminate the competition.  Lisa Rinna unfortunately had the role of  project leader and sadly lacked the confidence to rise above these nasty villains.

Instead of working as a team Star Jones set out to throw Lisa under the bus.    NeNe Leakes was even quoted as saying: "We chose Lisa because we didn't think she would handle it, and it's best to get her out now."  This really shows their lack of support for their project leader.

Dionne Warwick as well as Star also showed the world what annoying Divas they are by insisting they have their names on the finished project; a really lame children's book they were largely responsible for, even though it was a collaborative effort.   

It would of been nice if Star gave Lisa the same consideration that Lisa gave her the previous week, this is after all for charity.  Sadly Lisa was fired.  I  wish she would of stood up for herself a bit more, since Star and Dionne were so instrumental in sinking the ship they really should of been the ones to go.

But really, how advantageous is if for celebrities to go on these types of reality shows and behave badly?  After reading several forums today it appears that I'm not alone in my assessment or in my feelings toward Star Jones and Dionne Warwick.  Is winning a competition really worth your good name?   As a celebrity you have far too much to lose by showing the world you're a cut-throat competitor. 

I may of felt that Lisa was a bit weak as a project leader; most likely because she lacked confidence in an inconducive environment,  but at least I can say I respect the way she played the game, and in the end I respect her as a person. 

We shall see if these two villains clean up their act and start playing as team members, if not they have far more to lose than just hearing Donald say "your fired".

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Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm not a huge fan of Lisa's because she talks way too much, but she did not deserve that kind of treatment from them. Dionne was especially disrespectful to Marlee as well. If they were in this for their charities, they would work together to win and eliminate all the men, then focus on their individual efforts. I look forward to seeing Dionne, Star and NeNe being fired. Oh, and how embarassing is their behavior for their charities? I'd be horrified if they were representing me.

lisa said...

Good point Kathie, very embarrassing for the charities that they are representing. Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by!


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